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Achieve your fitness goals, safely and effectively.


Achieve your fitness goals, safely and effectively.


...The Gateway to Improving Movement...

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Rewire Biomechanics

We take the guesswork out of your training. We utilize Functional Patterns training methodology to  help you build a functioning body and prevent injuries by focusing on training in accordance to the Big 4 of human movement, Standing, Walking, Running, Throwing.


These movement patterns apply to everyone at every level of fitness. Whether you are an athlete trying to improve or someone looking to move pain free, we all operate by the same rules.

What to Expect

Address dysfunctional movement

increase muscle mass

drop body fat

reduce risk of injury

manage stress

improve energy

get better sleep


Train Intentionally

not Habitually

  Our training stands apart from other modalities by adopting a first principles approach to body optimization. We focus on understanding how your body moves within its environment and manages external stressors such as diet, work, light, and more. Every session encompasses a blend of soft tissue work, postural correction exercises, and dynamic movements to comprehensively address your body's needs.

Real Results, All different bodies

Functional Patterns employs an integrative approach to body training that prioritizes health and function, contrasting with traditional strength training methods known for a higher risk of injury and stress on muscles and joints. Such conventional methods may result in long-term degenerative effects on the body. The holistic integration of Functional Patterns fosters comprehensive strength development that surpasses the outcomes achieved through traditional training methods.

Our Team



Human Biomechanics Specialist



Human Biomechanics Specialist

What our clients are saying

"Claudia and Martin are one the of the best trainers I've been to. Their attention to detail and expertise in biomechanics/Functional Patterns is one of the best in town. I definitely recommend their services to anyone who wants to improve their mobility, posture, strength and overall to feel their best!"

Rocio Gonzalez

Hours of operation 

Mon-Thurs: 8AM to 7PM

Friday: 8AM to 3PM

Sat: 8AM-12PM

Sun: Closed

times may vary, please call to schedule an appointment.

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