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The first step to starting your biomechanics journey is understanding our starting point. The assessment will consist of an analysis of the gait cycle and posture where the joints are examined in a static and dynamic setting. Observing an individual’s specific movement patterns improves the ability to see the body's current functional capacity and what is necessary to reduce the risk of injury or improve athletic performance.



1:1 personal training provides a private environment to address mechanical and physical fitness needs. Individual goals and aspirations are set, and a periodization plan of action program will be adjusted for each ones determined goals. We adjust our plans as needed to give our clients not only what they want, but also what their body requires in order to improve physiological health on a daily basis. We believe the environment we face daily is hard enough on the body as it is, therefore we execute with precision to pursuing a mindset of training smarter and not harder. 


Online virtual training is available for those who wish to work out from the comfort of their home. Any training session held will be conducted through private and secure online portals. This option does not differ from on-site personal training as our Human Biomechanics Specialists are proficient in cueing and maintaining effective communication to provide a pleasant experience in pursuit of attaining personal results. Each client will be given a suggested equipment list necessary to complete in home workouts to accomplish our results driven methodology.

Group Classes Available!


Please complete contact form and we will get in contact with you for availability. 

Functional Patterns integrative training helps improve your health by moving your joints, muscles, and connective tissue in a synchronized fashion that promotes joint decompression throughout your entire body.
Align your body with decompressive myofascial training focused on fundamental principles of movement, posture, and athleticism. this group class leaves you feeling relaxed and integrated as you head into your day.
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