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Circadian Health and Quantum Biology

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  1. See the sunrise.

  2. See morning UVA Light.

  3. Ground (Earthing).

  4. Positive Vibes.

  5. Hydration.

  6. Block Artificial Light/Non-Native Electro Magnetic Frequencies.

  7. 8 hours of Circadian-Timed Sleep.

  8. Healing Sound.

  9. Nasal Breathing.


  1. See the Sunrise: Go outside at sunrise. Sky gaze with naked eyes east to the brightest part of the sky. It doesn't matter if it is cloudy, rainy, foggy, snowy, or whether you are surrounded by trees and can never actually see the sun. All the code your eyes and brain need to set your circadian rhythm (biological clock) is there. Circadian rhythm needs to be synced with the day/night cycles to optimize hormones, mitochondria and many other processes in the body.

  2. See Morning UVA Light: Morning UVA light into the eyes and onto the skin triggers key pathways in the brain and body impacting mood, focus, hunger, libido, fat burning, blood pressure and more.

  3. Grounding: When bare skin touches the grass, sand, dirt, natural water, etc. electrons flow from the earth into our body via our fascia/water. Instantaneously: electrons are added to our body for essential negative charge. 1-2 seconds: the autonomic nervous system creates coherence. 5-10 seconds: red blood cells build zeta-potential and improved blood flow and oxygen distribution. 20-30 seconds: Significant reduction in inflammation.

  4. Positive Vibes: higher frequency thoughts, emotions (love, joy, gratitude) impact our physiology by creating heart coherence and structuring the water inside of us for quantum coherence.

  5. Hydration: drink toxin-free water imbued with positive energy, vortex motions and adequate minerals is foundational. Natural mineral spring water is best.

  6. Block Artificial light/nnEMFs: these confusing frequencies change what is happening in our brain, create a danger response in mitochondria and chaotic information for our body water network.

  7. 8 hours of circadian-timed sleep: Sleep is when we reverse age and heal. Sleep should be at the appropriate time of the day (earlier is better). Sleep space should be dark and cool.

  8. Healing Sound: Sounds that are pleasing to you imprint the water network of your body with coherence.

  9. Nasal Breathing: best for bringing oxygen into the bloodstream to bind with hemoglobin. Oxygen is ultimately transformed into water in our mitochondria.

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